is a two-player-versus arcade game featuring graffiti snails

Each player controls a snail that leaves behind a colored trail.
Your goal is to get the other player to touch your color or to get them to crash into the sides of the arena. You can cross your own trail to create large blobs of color which expand in size. Moving on those blobs allows you to move faster.
You can also utilize your boost for fast maneuvers and last-second escapes.

Created at "Inbetween Animation and GameDesign" workshop  at Fantoche Festival in Switzerland, over the course of 6 days.


Player 1

Turn A / D
Boost W

Player 2

Turn left / right
Boost up


Code & Animation Stella Bialek
Character Modelling Jessica Igel
Environment Modelling, Sound Design & GUI Jacqueline Daehn 

Music "The Complex" Kevin MacLeod (


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Thank you for this game. I played with my wife and we had a few laughs. Nice concept.